Graduation Announcements: Proper Wording Etiquette

Published: 23rd May 2011
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Graduation is one of the greatest highlights of one’s life. It marks the end of being a student and moving on to a higher path of his or her career as an individual. This will be the perfect time to announce all your family friends and relatives about the success that came upon your child.

Doing your own graduation announcements will be the most thoughtful gesture that parents could do for their child. Sometimes, even the simplest greeting would turn into an impressive announcement to those people who are eager to hear about the good news that has come upon your family. A child’s graduation is one of the best times that should be shared to friends and relatives thus a graduation announcement is made.

Most of the announcement cards with wordings are made to send the best news that can be shared with all your friends and relatives that are living far from your family. There have been so many do-it-yourself tips that will greater maximize the creativity of the host. Usually, these announcement cards are used as an invitation for other relatives and friends to attend the graduation ceremony yet some used these graduation announcements just for the purpose of announcing the great event to those people who are living far from you and telling them to come to another date of celebration.

Include Important Information

Any event host would not want to confuse their guest/recipients with the exact information that they need to know about the big event! Making sure that every detail is correct will be a good thing to do to prevent misunderstood ideas and information. Some of the most important details will include the following:

• Name of the graduate (first and last)
• The name of the school/institution/university that he/she is graduating from
• The parents’ name
• Date of graduation
• Dress code (optional)

A sample wording for this is:

We, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Roberts are pleased and proud to announce
That Emmanuel Roberts is now a graduate!
Belonging from the Class of 2011 from
Stanford University’s
Commencement Exercise
On June 12, 2011
At 9:30am
Stanford Stadium

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